For nearly a century, the country of Oriod has been at peace. However, dark tidings now threaten to tear it all apart as an evil organization known as the Order of the Fallen Light seeks to free their imprisoned master from her cage in the Nether. Woden, a prideful half-orc, Baelor, a surly dwarf, Jokkoa, a whimsical goblin sorceress, and Amrynn, a paranoid elf and her tiger companion are thrown together by chance. With more than a bit of reluctance, the four loners stumble upon this evil plot and discover they may be the land’s only hope, much to their annoyance.

At the request of the wizened wizard Grindor, the unlikely company set out to find the four artifacts that defeated the order in the past before the enemy finds them first. However, not only do they have to contend with the dark forces hot on their trail, but also with the complications brought on by their own mistrust in each other. The dark mages, goblin raiders, zealot cultists, and territorial elementals may be the death of them all, if they don't kill each other first.

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Life as a teenager is never easy. This is especially true for Peter Robinson, a boy of 16 just trying to survive high school. This is made all the more difficult with constant bullying, discouraging parents, and no friends. One day, after a particularly rough time at school, Peter finds a mysterious package on his doorstep. Inside is an Emerser, the most advanced virtual reality system in the world, along with a copy of the best selling game Our World. Thrilled at the prospect of finally diving into the game he's always dreamed of playing, Peter doesn't hesitate to plug in. Once inside, the game gives Peter everything he's always wanted: freedom, friends, strength, and a sense of acceptance. For a brief moment, he is happy. However, sometimes paradise can turn to perdition.

One day while inside Our World, the millions of players discover that they are trapped inside with no escape other than to defeat the creator of the game itself. All this with one new, horrible rule: if you die in the game, you die in real life. Peter and his companions can either live in fear of their virtual prison, or fight back and risk death as they struggle to escape.


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