Sample from Load Custom Character

Please enjoy this sample of Tyler R Lee’s upcoming Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Load Custom Character. "You...sons 'a bitches," Peter growled as he looked on as the unparalyzed players readied their weapons. However, the Guardian didn't immediately attack. Instead, the ghosts that formerly held the flames that now danced on the walls emerged from within the stone. They hovered for a moment before taking part of each flame and replacing it in their lanterns. "Something's...happening. Look...out," Lysander said through his gritted teeth as more paralyzing pain racked his body. At that, the ghosts encircled the Guardian before entering into its armor one at a time. When the final one entered, the Guardian's armor began to flicker quickly between the four colors of the flames. Then, it started to transform. With looks that could best be described as regretful, Anthony and Samuel looked on with the others as the Guardian grew several feet in height. Ho

Episode 4: A Thumping in the Dark

On this episode of Tales from the Fireside , Nicole Cerritelli makes her amazing voice artist debut for the podcast as she reads Tyler R Lee 's story A Thumping in the Dark , with additional voices from Tyler, himself. New Episode of Tales from the Fireside

Episode 3: The Day the Elves Came

Author and host Tyler R Lee narrates his story, The Day the Elves Came . In it, we find out what happens if elves stepped out of our fairy tales and into our very streets...with an attitude and a thirst for human death. New Episode of Tales from the Fireside

Tales From the Fireside - Interview with Caitlin E Jones and Nicole Cerritelli

Tales from the Fireside is back! And with it, Tyler brings in two special guests. Author Caitlin E Jones and Cover Illustrator Nicole Cerritelli join the host as they talk about the recent release of Caitlin's novel Chimehour, book 1 in the Faire Curiosities series. New Episode of Tales from the Fireside

Commissioned Art of Kaznar, The Traveler by Bored Barista

About 10 or 11 years ago, while in college, I created three characters for short stories I was writing. They would later go on to be main characters in books I am writing and have currently written. They were Marcus, the Hunter; Lexington, the Bladesman; and there was Kaznar, the Traveler. Later, I would fully realize Kaznar as my first ever Dungeons & Dragons character about 6 years ago. Finally, he made his appearance in my first novel An Unlikely Company. Now, here, over a decade later, Bored Barista  (artist Nicole Cerritelli) has brought him to life and I could not be happier with it. Thank you so much.