Why Do You Write?

Would love to give credit to the creator of this

A couple of days ago a good friend of mine sent me this picture, saying he instantly thought of me when he saw it. At first glance I laughed. I cracked up quite a bit at it, actually. It's clever. Not only has it put the anthem of a nerdy introvert like myself into words -- beautifully I might add --, but
it also happens to play to my love of writing fantasy and hopes of publication.

After looking upon this picture for a few more moments, however, it really started to resonate with me on a much deeper level. Clearly, this is meant to be a humorous take on wanting to play DnD, an extremely sociable game, but not wanting to be sociable or interact with others -- again, the plight of the nerdy introvert. But, for me, it means so much more, whether it was supposed to or not.

Take another look at the picture. Read it all. You good? Alright. THAT'S ME! That is so much "me" that it is a little spooky when I read it. And I'll bet that it is a lot of people out there, as well. What I mean is, that is essentially the reason I write. I play D&D (Pathfinder, really) with my friends. I love it. I love us getting together every few weeks and getting to hang out, do a little role-playing, and mostly clumsily stumble through the fantasy world I've constructed while eating pizza or Chick-fil-a and drinking too much pop or alcohol. However, nothing can satiate the need to constantly build another scenario, come up with new characters, and send them out on new and exciting quests as they develop and evolve. Except writing.

Honestly, and it may seem incredibly simplistic, but that is exactly why I write. I write to play the Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I want to play with all my characters. I write to go on the adventures that I want to go on. So, as the picture says, I do want to design a D&D campaign of my own, but I want it to go exactly how I want it to go and I want the characters I design to follow the paths that I want them to go down, and I want to do it on my own. So I write stories.


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