First Novel and a New Podcast

It's been a while since I've been able to post--which should be clear why in the title. So, this post acts as a double wammy. Let's see what I've been up to below.

First of all, I published my first novel! Yay, me. It's An Unlikely Company. Book 1 of The Nethergate Trilogy. Fantasy/Action adventure with plenty of my type of sarcastic and dry humor. Check it out on Amazon in either ebook or paperback (Don't forget to review it!).

Secondly, I started up a new podcast with two very close friends of mine. We poetically named it The Nerd Cult. On it we discuss, as you can imagine, everything nerdy and geeky under the sun, from movies and video games, to anime and manga, to books, and so much more. We post a new episode every two weeks. Give it a listen and check it out in the iTunes store (Don't forget to review it!)

Stay tuned for more to come, now that I think I'm back in the rhythm.


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