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Tales from the Crits Ep.2: Angels & Demogorgons Chapter 2 - Kids are a Bitch

Out of the goodness of our heart, here is Episode 2 for free! For all future episodes, check out our $3 tier on our Patreon . The adventurers follow the mysterious children into their quiet, empty home to see what help they can provide--much to the annoyance of Caius. Inside, they find more than just a spooky house with odd walls and paintings. New Episode of The Nerd Cult!

Episode 12: Pacific Rim Uprising, Dragon Ball Super, Pessimist Vs. Optimist Trailers, & GUNDAM!

Episode 12 of The Nerd Cult kicks off with Tyler praising Pacific Rim: Uprising , which quickly spirals into an Andy Serkis praise war. Then, the boys talk about their love of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super --spoilers abound. Then, it's another round of the Pessimist Vs. Optimist movie trailers segment with Tyler judging Josh and Brock on their takes with the latest trailers for Ready Player One and Avengers: Infinity War . And Josh doesn't know the different between a Gundam and any other Japanese robot. New Episode of The Nerd Cult!

First Episode of The Nerd Cult's D&D Podcast! Tales from the Crits!

Check out our first episode of a Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast!

Episode 2: The Age of Mist

After the creation of Tera-Cre, when the planet was still young, The First Beasts appeared. Soon after, The Incarnate emerged. Episode 2: The Age of Mist tells the story of these powerful beings and the battle that erupted between them for dominion over the planet. Music Title: Fairytale (Harps & Chimes) Artist: Slaking_97 Link: Title: Strange Angels Artist: MartySonic Link: Title: Magical_Effect Artist: StephenSaldanha Link: New Episode of Tales from the Fireside